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Designer millinery, specialising in leather and acrylic pouring

I would love to take the opportunity to design a headpiece to suit your outfit for your special day at the races or even your special day as a bride!
I specialise in leather flowers, acrylic pouring and headpieces but am always keen to make sure that the headpieces I make are different for everyone. 
I believe that all pieces must be comfortable to wear sit right and be relevant to your outfit and occasion.  I take careful consideration as to the styles that you like and would suit your outfit for the day.    
Colour contrast and style, I do love classic and am always looking for new ideas to bring to the forefront of millinery which I believe is now seen with the acrylic pouring pieces.
Please feel free to call me, email or message me through Facebook!


Customers handmade pieces

Please do not ask me to copy someone else's design, I have a high regard for other milliners and the work that goes into a headpiece and finding your own niche.   These people are my friends and my millinery family, and I am sure you would like something different not the same as someone else!

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