About me

My name is Sherilee Honnery and I am the youngest of ten children in my family.  My mother was an amazing sewer, something I did not believe I needed to learn when at school, so off to do business principals, typing and shorthand I went, as I was going to be a secretary.

Growing up as a young lady I attended many of the local race meetings while my husband or husband to be spent a lot of time in the bookie ring. I loved to watch the Fashions, sometimes winning one or two myself.  My mother used to whip me up a new outfit as I would announce to her at 8am that we were going to the races at 12 do you think you could make me something new....... then I would rearrange the very few hats that I had to suit.


I live in a small Outback Queensland Town called Hughenden, population of around 1300 people, a lot less than when I was growing up as a kid.

After my first child was born and being at home I decided to teach myself to sew...... a few toys here and there and then I became very addicted to patchwork, which I still love today.  


I have always been creative and originally patchwork was my niche... however, I believe that all of the different crafts that I have learnt over the years have helped me be more creative and diverse with materials and colour selections to my headpieces.

When wearing ready made hats I always had to put elastic inside them to make them fit as I have a small head and the general run of the mill hats most certainly did not fit me, hence the need to make something that fits!

I have been doing Millinery for over 15 years now and love to create stunning headpieces, I am always learning and keen to try new ideas or styles.

I have completed many millinery courses with many well know Australian Milliners, finding my own style has come to light with the leather that I use in my pieces.

Originally and still mostly today I use kangaroo leather from our local tannery in Hughenden, however as this becomes harder to source I do by in other leather, but still love working with the kangaroo leather... it certainly makes my pieces very 'Australian Made'.

My belief with millinery is yes it needs to look amazing ... but it must also be comfortable to wear!


So with that my millinery journey goes on and I hope that if you are considering a new head piece or hat you will let me help you create something amazing!